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"High Quality American Made Products"

PCM Precision


We specialize in electrical connectors that are both standard and custom engineered to accommodate each client's specific needs. Our wide range of CNC milling capabilities allows us to manufacture the full the spectrum of products for the NIST Smart Grid.

We manufacture products for clients in bulk, through distribution and transmission systems, down to the consumer market. PCM will work with clients that have unique requirements and custom engineer products that works for their specific needs.


We work with utility companies, OEM's, and individual our customers to provide the products they need to get the job done, and we also help them to custom engineer the products that they think will help their company or clients.

Our customers experience efficient, on-time service, and high quality products. Our CNC milling machines use computer-controlled fabrication systems, combined with both common and custom extrusion materials. This coupled with years of custom engineering experience, PCM Precision is able to manufacture with the highest quality products in the industry, and our customers can enjoy the comfort of knowing that they are purchasing a product that is made in the U.S.A.


Our facility and automated equipment allow us to take on all sizes of runs and provide you with a price and product that you can consistently rely upon.

Give us an opportunity to meet your specific needs.

Transmission and Distribution

Our electrical connectors are found throughout the NIST smart grid.

At PCM & SL Plota, our on time, top quality service has made us an attractive option for our partners in the distribution and transmission industry. 

PCM's production methods save time and money for our clients.

Bulk Generation

PCM manufactures and provides bus bars to bulk power plants.


PCM can quickly fill orders for common size bus bars and connectors. Utilize our cross reference sheet to order the specific parts that you need.

If you have drawings or have a sample, then you're all set. We can duplicate the parts you need to the OEM's specifications. PCM specializes in turning your needs into a reality.


PCM can assist in manufacturing your custom products. Custom extrusions, unique fabrication techniques and mass production of your desired product with UL and CUL certification are all possibilities.